Homeschool Resources

So all of you some time, we have compiled a list of FREE homeschool curriculum. They are all packed with the things you need to help teach your kids! If you happen to find one source that is no longer valid or working, please let me know. This list will be updated as I come across them!

Free Health Lessons
K5 Learning
Free Homeschool Deals
USDA Team Nutrition
Hands on Banking
Money Instructor
Practical Money Skills
Just Sheet Music
Virtual Sheet Music 
Old Fashioned Education
27 FREE Science DVD’s
FREE Online Sign Languarge Classes
FREE Online First Aid Class
Two FREE Economics curriculums for kids
10 Tips for Homeschooling on a Budget
FREE Kids Money Games
13 more ways to score free homeschool curriculum
200 FREE Educational Resources from Open Culture
FREE Resources and Lesson Plans on Environmental Health from the EPA
FREE Booklets, posters and more on different topics from the US Dept of Education
NASA Kids Club
FREE Classroom Resources from the CDC
Free Dog Safety Checklist from the American Kennel Club
Free lesson plans and unit studies from Scholastic
Free Lesson plans from Discovery Education 
Free Civics Lesson Plans
Free Bible Lesson Plans
FREE Lesson Plans from PBS 
Free Lesson Plans from Wolfram Alpha
Free Lessons from the Bill of Rights Institute 
Free Poetry Lesson Plans from
FREE Civil War Curriculum 
Free Astronomy Curriculum
Free Engineering Lesson Plans and Curriculum 
Free Lesson Plans on many different topics
Free Wildlife Lesson Plans from the World Wildlife Federation
Free Homeschool Planning Forms
Free Tech lessons from Google
Free Classical Music Lessons for kids
Free lessons on Colonial Williamsburg
Free Safe Internet Surfing for Kids curriculum
Free Curriculum on Water
Free 1st Amendment Lesson Plans
Free Nutrition Games and Lesson Plans
Free MLK Jr. Lesson Plan
Free ESL lesson plans
Free Biology Lesson Plans
Free Art Lessons and projects
Free Mystery Lesson plans
Free Teacher Resources from the Library of Congress
Free Energy Consumption Lesson Plans
Free Health Lesson Plans
Free Curriculum from Ambleside Online
Free Complete Curriculum from Easy Peasy All in One
Free Polar Bear Unit & Lessons